Customer Referral Program

We are introducing a customer referral program.

Customers of Shout Out Loud Prints past and present can earn $15 off of their next order by referring a friend.*

The friend you refer receives 25% off of our printing prices on their first order with Shout Out Loud Prints (up to $150 maximum).**

You can refer up to 10 of your friends for a potential discount of $150 off of your next order!***

*  – To receive $15 off of your next order, you must be a customer that has ordered from
       Shout Out Loud Prints in the past.
    – Not redeemable for cash.
    – Offer only applies to custom print customers.
    – Your friend needs to mention your first and last name and your organization (if applicable)
       for you both to receive the benefits of this offer.
    – When your friend places their order from your referral, we will track this referral and notify you.
    – You can choose to let the referral’s stack up and cash them all in on one order, or you can use them 1 by 1.

** – Orders must meet our 24 piece minimum for this offer to be valid.

***- Offer expires March 1st, 2017.

Tag lines we came up with for this promotion:

-Refer a friend, the less you spend!
-We Say Thanks With Money in Your Bank.
-Don’t Say We Never Did Anything Nice For You.
-Refer them once, Refer them twice, Refer Them For A Real Good Price.
-Of Price and Friends.
-Referral Madness.
-Friendship Fountain, Discount Mountain.